Artistes : Abderrahmane SISSAKO, Clément GOFFINET, Laurence DE WILDE, Angélique DUJARRIER, César PAYRAT
Location : Ouadane Ruins
City / Country : Ouadane, Mauritania

Production : Loom Prod
Production year : 2021
Screening dates : From 10th to 14th of December 2021
Type : Monument video mapping / Outdoor / Frontal / Linear / Ephemeral

Video mapping created by Loom Prod for the Mauritanian Ministry of Culture, as part of the Ancient Cities Festival.

Artistic direction: Abderrahmane SISSAKO
Direction: Clément GOFFINET
Visual design: Laurence DE WILDE, Angélique DUJARRIER, Clément GOFFINET, César PAYRAT
Original music: Traditional Mauritanian music



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