Artistes : Simon LEBON, Aurélien WOJTKO
Sound Design : Géraldine KWIK
Location : Outdoor Museum
City / Country : Villeneuve d’Ascq, France
Production background : Production as part of the 10th Witch Festival
Production : Rencontres Audiovisuelles
Production year : 2019
Screening date : 26th of October 2019
Type : Object video mapping / Outdoor / Covering / Linear / Ephemeral

Video mapping created by the artists of the Video Mapping Festival on the occasion of the 10th Witch Festival

Walk around a magic and mysterious universe by following a loop of 10 video mapping around the Outdoor Museum gardens! This walk will highlight the different buildings of the Museum: the witch Zoe’s house, the pigeon loft, the Bambecque cottage, the Houdain chapel… A walk that will make you discover the different forms of video mapping (monumental, immersive, on objects, végétal…).

Visual design: Simon LEBON, Aurélien WOJTKO
Sound design:: Géraldine KWIK
Artistic coordination: Ludovic BURCZYKOWSKI


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