Our skills

Loom Prod is able to create any kind of video mapping (monument or object video mapping, installation, scenography, itinerary, live show etc.) and implements the entire production: scenario, visual and sound design, technical installation (computing, video and sound), security, public space management, etc.

Loom Prod produces one-time video mapping (for specific events), or long-term ones, and work for several sectors : heritage enhancement, museography, urbanism/architecture, events, object marketing, live show…

. Production of a monument video mapping for an event, a commemoration, an heritage enhancement action etc.
. Production of an object video mapping for marketing purposes, mediation, as part of an exhibition etc.
. Production of a video mapping on a model for urban planning or architecture sectors.
. Production of scenography, museography.
. Production of video mapping for live shows.
. Educational workshops with inhabitants.
. Production of turnkey events: video mapping itinerary in a city, etc.

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