Artistes : Simon LEBON, Patrick GRANDI, Lucille JEANNIN, Loan LE HOANG - Loom Prod
Sound Design : Géraldine KWIK - Loom Prod
Location : Casino Viage
City / Country : Brussels, Belgium
Production background : Production for Brussels Major Events, as part of Plaisirs d’Hiver
Production : Loom Prod
Production year : 2019
Screening dates : From 29th of November 2019 to 5th of January 2020
Type : Monument video mapping / Outdoor / Frontal / Linear / Ephemeral

Video mapping on the Grand Casino Brussels Viage created by Loom Prod for Brussels Major Events, as part of Plaisirs d’Hiver.

In my Opinion
The Grand Casino Brussels Viage front comes alive! A shining sensory experience, bright and colourful, decomposes and restructures the building to highlight the architecture, combining the beauty of manuscript work with 3D effects. This work is the proof that anything is possible at the Grand Casino Brussels Viage!

Supervision: Simon LEBON – www.loom-prod.com
Visual design: Patrick GRANDI, Lucille JEANNIN, Loan LE HOANG, Simon LEBON
Sound design: Géraldine KWIK
Artistic coordination: Ludovic BURCZYKOWSKI



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