Saturday 5th of October 2019
8 pm > 10 pm – Loop screening
Duration : approx. 8 min

City Hall of Fouquières-lez-Lens
35 rue Louis Pasteur
62740 Fouquières-lez-Lens

Grandmother’s cooking, devil’s cooking
On the occasion of the “Week of Taste”, we follow Grandmother throughout a recipe that will prove to be whimsical. Apple, turnip, lemon, peas… Everything goes in the recipe! Then we mix it all, making sure to foil a little imp’s repeated attempts to sabotage it. Finally, it is time to put the preparation in the oven, waiting for the alchemy to work.
Will this cake live up the expectations of our taste buds?

Artists: Tom DELFORGE, Elisa MAILLARD, Sylvain POUILLART, Lucille JEANNIN, Loan LE HOANG, Adrien TISON, Roxane LOISY –
Sound design: Géraldine KWIK
Artistic coordination: Ludovic BURCZYKOWSKI



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